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Request Tree Seedlings & Pollinator Packets

  • Project Plant It! is offered in areas where Dominion Energy conducts business.
  • By completing this form, you are signing up for free tree seedlings AND free wildflower seed packets for pollinators.
  • Please complete all fields on the form below and hit Submit; be sure to include an emergency phone number.
  • If the website doesn’t accept the registration, you aren’t located in an area served by Dominion Energy. You can still join the Project Plant It! family by downloading the free educational materials from the website.
  • If the website accepts the registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  • Your tree seedlings and wildflower seed packets will be shipped to you in April, prior to Arbor Day.

Sorry, all seedlings have been claimed and the time to request seedlings has now ended. Please come back and order next year!

Thank you for submitting your request for your seedlings! You should receive a confirmation email shortly.
Sorry, that is not a valid zip our delivery area.
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